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Who knows how many attics still contain Great Great Granddaddy's "War Stuff", but there's not as many as there once was. Due to things like "The Antiques Road Show," people are searching their belongings now more than ever for these treasures. But if you can't find anything good hidden away in Grandma's house, don't despair! We have plenty to go around here...

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Military Use

Item #

1860s Child's Miniature Bayonet: When toys were really dangerous! These rare pieces were made for a working .45 cal childs musket. Very rare. Only 12” long, made of steel, is numbered 3828 on blade, also marked “14”. From the Don McMichael collection. 



US Percussion Cap Box: Marked  "E. GAYLORD CHICOPEE MASS"  Shows lots of use, but leather very subtle. Belt straps complete but broken, strap tab complete and intact, rip on one side but displays fine. A good example of one that “saw the elephant” as compared to surplus ones which never saw use. From Don McMichael collection.



Model 1855 US Bayonet: For .58 musket.  Crisp “US” stamping with “S” for inspector mark. Good steel, a perfect example of the US “workhorse” bayonet of the Civil War. If you want the typical bayonet issued to most Union infantry soldiers, this is it. From the Don McMichael collection.  DM139


US M-1842 Socket Bayonet: The Civil War version used by any troops who carried a .69 musket. Shows honest field use. Markings are faint, last couple of inches have edge loss, but not bad and only on one edge. From the Don McMichael collection.   DM138


British Pattern 1856 "2-Band" Enfield Sword Bayonet: These were imported by the Confederates from England. 22 ¾” long full blade, one very slight chip on blade, otherwise good condition. Absolutely no markings. No scabbard. From the Don McMichael collection. 



Starr Cavalry Sword Model 1812: No scabbard but otherwise very good condition. Blade has no pitting (appears to maybe even have some of the bluing on it), very minor pits in part of guard.35” long OA. From the Don McMichael collection.  DM102


Model 1840 Cavalry “Wristbreaker” Saber: This was the workhorse of edged weapons used by U.S. mounted forces before and during the Civil War. Marked “P.S. Justice/ Philadelphia, PA” These are also called a dragoon heavy cavalry saber, the blade measures 35 7/8" long. Very pleasing dark patina, almost looks like it could be bluing? Scabbard mounts tight, no dents, wire wrap slightly loose but unrepaired and unmessed with example. From the Don McMichael collection.  DM103


1840 Model Non Commissioned Officer Sword: Non dug. No scabbard, blade is good with no pitting, but does have a few small nicks in edge about halfway up. Used by Civil War sergeants to convey rank and to signal movement in drills. Solid brass handle is in good condition with nice pleasing patina. Ricasso marked “ AMES MFG CO. / CHICOPEE / MASS” and "US / ADK / 1862. Much of original bluing remains, especially on spine. Blade length 32 ¼”.From the Don McMichael collection. 



Civil War Officer's Dress Saber Belt Rig: All hardware is silver or nickel plated. Plate is near perfect. Missing one strap, otherwise complete. Some unraveling, as is expected. Includes photo of US General Albert Myer, US Signal Corps, wearing an identical rig. From the Don McMichael collection. 



.45 Colt Style Bullet Mold: Cast a conical and a ball, both .45. Not marked but typical of those used with revolvers of the Civil War. Good condition, complete, nondug. From the Don McMichael collection Just Added! DM376





.`69 Belgium Musket: Large caliber rifled Belgian muskets were manufactured before the war, and used by both sides. This one has a possible replacement nose cap, rest seems to be 100% original. Does have strange ma5rkings: What looks to be a flower proof mark and a number on side of stock and German (?) stamped underneath stock. Not sure what it means. Two small areas wood is damaged, see photos. Everything works, good action. A reasonable price on a representative gun.    used by both sides.



Springfield Model 1863 Yankee Musket: The Model 1863 was the last muzzle-loading long arm produced by the Springfield Armory for the Union army, with only 700,000 made. This one was converted to a shotgun with cut down stock, as so many were after the war. The lock plate looks very nice, with clear stamping and date. Butt plate is marked with “US” and has original ramrod. Only one screw looks to have been replaced, that on the hammer. Surface pitting on barrel and butt plate, There is a strange “striation” on stock and barrel that looks like it was taped long ago. But it seems to come off with a little elbow grease, I just don’t have time to mess with it.  Anaffordable way to own a legitimate Civil War dated firearm.  



Octagon bore target rifle: 45 caliber octagon bore, just like a Whitworth…but alas, it is a lesser known Civil War era, 1850-1860s. Lock is marked “Geo Goucher”,  a New York Gunsmith noted for selling his locks to others who made rifles in the period. This one is believed Belgium made between 1850-1860. Set triggers work to an extent, missing one barrel screw, other has been replaced with a modern wood screw.  Gun has problems, ramrod missing (dowel rod added for display), and someone has refinished it in past, but a genuine musket of the period that would look good on the wall, at an affordable price.  



Folding Camp Chairs: These are typical mid-late1800s folding chairs, just like kind often seen in Civil War photos. In good condition for their age, cloth seat is thick carpet. Seams sturdy, wood looks to be mahogany or walnut?  Has the name “McNalley” stenciled in several places. Have three. MN179EFJJ



$300/all three

Model 1858 Smoothsides Civil War Canteen: Pewter Spout, a few honest dents from use, solid with almost no rust, would still hold water. Slight split in spout edge. All loops present.



Model 1858 Smoothsides Civil War Canteen: Pewter Spout, a few honest dents from use, solid with only light surface rust, would still hold water. one loop missing, other two there. MN313ABEJ


Model 1858 Smoothsides Civil War Canteen: Pewter Spout has been cleaned, tin has been coated with light coat of polyurethane. Very few dents, all from from honest use. All loops remain. Very little surface rust, has some zinc plating remaining. Spout slightly pushed on one side, doesn't affect overall relic..



Tin Spout Smoothsides Civil War Canteen: This more scarce  style had the tin spout. Looks crude, might be a Confederate copy but I won't speculate there. All loops, but one has been mashed. A few small dents from use. Light surface rust but solid.



Marked Percussion Cap Box: Embossed “ELEY/LONDON” Non Dug, no caps. MN368ABJJ


.50 Caliber Ball Bullet Mold: Has built-in sprue cutter, benchmarked “36” 



Patriotic Wallet: Mid 1800s, better condition than most, has several embossed eagles, measures 7.25 x 3.75" Shows good honest use, very soft, not brittle.



Bleeder/fleem: Civil War era, Marked “WATKINSON”, complete and in good condition. These were used for the old practice of blood letting. Two blade, brass cased. Nondug: MN367CJJJ


Diary From March 4, 1861 to Nov 12, 1862: The diary Adam Gurowski published in 1862. Interesting read including his views on the politics of the day. Book is in rough condition, needs rebinding. Gurowski was translator in the State Department in Washington D.C Gurowski was highly critical of officials in the Lincoln administration and was once described him as “a madman with lucid intervals.” This is the first edition. MN369ADJJ


Harness Buckle Cover: Often incorrectly called blanket buckles, they were used throughout the 1800s to prevent buckles from snagging on horse’s main or undergrowth. Solid brass, non dug. For 7/8” strap. 



Personal Items Item # Price
Leather Shot Flask: In very good condition, missing only the lever’s back closer gate. Marked “AM Flask Co” Mid 1800s. MN366BEJJ


Leather Pocket Purse: Two compartment, typical 1800s. Leather very supple and intact, could still be used if desired. Aprox. 3” wide.



Non Dug Coat Weight/Buttons: Made of lead, these are said to have served dual purpose, which I believe. Rarely seen non dug.  Perfect buttons for a reinactor to wear to have that fully authentic look. Have five.               


$5 each

Johnny Carson's Civil War Era Wallet ? Glass ambrotype (yes, it does resemble Johnny!) was stuck deep inside wallet when we got it. Was this the wallet's owner, or a friend? It's just a shame there is no id to go with it. Rarely seen style with separate compartments. Very old stitched repair on front, done over a hundred years ago. Ambrotype included, of course!







Tin Oil Container: Or so we were told. We do know it's of the Civil War era, made with the flat bottom so typical of that time.



Coins and Tokens Item # Price

1861 British Half Penny: Has a hole in top, some wear, but all details are visible. 

MN334JAJJ $8
1899 POST Civil War Indian Head cent Just Added! DM417 $2

Veteran Related, Post Civil War, & Fraternal

Item # Price

Civil War “Lucifer” Matches: Every collection should have a strip of these 1860s matches. 12 connected wooden matches.



Knapsack Match Safe: Although these were once believed to be Civil War era, they are actually later items given to Union veterans at the GAR reunions, or so I am told. Modeled after soldiers knapsack.This one was made by the Diamond Match Company.



“USN” Navy Spoon: Marked on Handle “USN.” Nickel Plated Iron, a few very slight rust spots, could be buffed out if desired. May be dug, but if so, in good condition. Very early 1900s, marked “Reed & Barton.” Slight bend in handle, not bad, could be straightened or left as is.



Fulton Co, GA Land Deed: April 4, 1890 Atlanta Land Lot 109, 14th District. Good condition, 1 very slight tear at fold.



GAR Veterans Badge with Corps emblems: Solid bronze, says "Grand Army of The Republic-Veteran-1861-1843" with branch of service emblems on face, and...this is the neat part...all of the corps badges on back.







Rare Zouave Reunion Ribbon: "Harrison Zouaves, New Haven, 1884 Honorary." Is in great condition, and a rarely seen Zouave item.







Souvenir Canteen Charms: Haven't researched these much, but have been told they are Veteran reunion pieces. A souvenir was usually given at each reunion, and canteens were popular motifs. Smaller one is left, larger one has sold CC15BEJJ $40 each
Confederate Veterans Badge?: Silver, engraved ”GD Daley, LO., S.C.” T-bar fastener intact.







  World War II USA  Army Red Piped Side Hat. Used, some threadbare on piping and one small hole. size 7 ½. From Don McMichael collection. DM333


WW II dated M-1910 Canteen & Cup combo: Dated 1944, in good used condition. From Don McMichael collection. $35



Large Square Canteen: 2 quart, good condition, with cover, plastic canteen. DM335


Risqué aluminum card set: Looks to be WWI era.  


Unknown Modern Military pouch, Velcro strap, built in belt loop, would make great diggers pouch.




Native American

Item # Price
Indian axe: Has seen multiple resharpenings, grey stone. Found in Tennessee. . Just Added! MN371AEJJ


Indian Knife: Grey/brown chert, found in Tennessee. 3 ¾ inch long, complete and nice. Just Added!



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